Why You Should Hire A Magician For Your Next Virtual Corporate Event

As the pandemic continues, more and more companies continue to hold their meetings or even large-scale events over the internet through the use of virtual meeting software. If your next corporate event is virtual, things will of course be a bit different than what you might be used to, but that doesn't mean that you can't try and put on the best event you can. While your corporate event is no doubt focused on your corporate business, don't forget to keep things fresh and lively with some entertainment. Here's why you might want to look into hiring a magician for your next corporate event.

Continue to Provide Entertainment to Show That It's Still Business As Usual

Have all of your corporate events in the past used some type of entertainment? Maybe you invited a celebrity to speak or a band to play. Putting on a corporate virtual magic show with a professional magician could be a great way to show that the pandemic isn't affecting your business as much as people might think it is. You can continue with your regular event schedule just like every other year, including providing an entertainment option or two.

Give People a Break in Between the More Dry Presentations

Even if you haven't had entertainment at past events, perhaps it's time to give it a try. If your business has to go over important but rather dry information and you want to make sure people pay attention, it can be helpful to give everyone a break in between discussing your balance sheet or fiscal year objectives. A magic show will help people stay engaged as it often requires audience interaction, and the magician can still do things like have someone pick a card by pointing to it through their webcam.

Lift People's Spirits During the Pandemic

Magicians are known for putting on a fun show that is entertaining and maybe even a bit whimsical or funny. The pandemic has created a situation where there haven't been a whole lot of laughs to go around in recent months, but a magic show can be a great way to distract people from their current reality and lift their spirits, if only for a little while.

If your next corporate event is going to be held virtually, remember that you can still hire an entertainer just like you have in some previous years. Contact a resource like Magical Bones today for more information.